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Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, Metaphysics


  Introduction to Hindu Scriptures- Part 1  

Introduction to Hindu Scriptures- Part 2


Introduction to Hindu Scriptures- Part 3


Introduction to Hindu Scriptures- Part 4


Introduction to Hindu Scriptures- Part 5

  Dynamics of Ethical Survival  
  Hinduism - A Way of Life  
  He that is slow to anger  
  Duties of the Householder - Mahanirvana Tantra  
  Two Different Spiritual Paths  
  Mantras - An Introduction  
  Mantras and Vedic Hymns - Listen to Audio  
  Fate, Free Will and the Laws of Karma  
  More thoughts on Laws of Karma  
  Liberation (Moksha) - the Hindu concept  
  How the body, mind and soul are related  
  A Poetic Description of Universe - Purusha Suktam  
  The Poetry of Creation - Rig Veda Book 10 Hymn 129  
  The flower of Vedic Chants - Mantra Pushpam (with audio)  
  The Superman - by Sri Aurobindo  
  Is there a downfall for a yogi who cannot attain perfection?  
  The summary of non-dualistic philosophy-Atma-Shatakam  
  Ashtadikpalas - the eight guardians of the sky  
  Akashic Records  
  Duties and Responsibilities - The Hindu Social Framework  
  There is no multiplicity of FAITH  
  The final fire sacrifice  
  Om Namo Narayanam  





The Bahá'í Faith

  The Kemet Faith  





Sant Kabir


Kanakadasa the Saint-Poet

  Dilip Kumar Roy - The truth seeker  
  Mirabai - The Poet Seer  


Behavioural Science, Communicatuon and Management


  Getting over childhood trauma  
  Management Guidelines from The Bhagavad Gita  
  Intentionality in a message -Grice's Model of Communication  
  Common barriers to communication  





Meaning and Origin Of The Word "Hindu"


Origin of snakes - A Hindu mythology


Fruitless Penance - a story from Mahabharata


Who I Am Makes a Difference


Deepawali - The Hindu Festival of Lights


If there were dreams to sell...


Navaratri - The famous Hindu festival


How the snakes were saved - A Hindu mythology

  Genghis Khan and his Hawk  






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