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Dilip Kumar Roy - The truth seeker



Dilip Kumar Roy



Dilip Kumar Roy was a remarkable truth seeker and God Lover. Through his multi faceted spiritual and artistic qualities, he inspired many to lead a spiritual life of greater harmony, peace and love.


Dilip was rare in combining the keenest intellect with the purest devotion of a Bhakti devotee. Dilip was a brilliant scholar, gaining a Tripos in Maths from Cambridge University. He also maintained a friendship and correspondence with the great humanist and philosopher Bertrand Russell. However the dazzling academic brilliance of Dilip's mind did not satisfy his heart's deepest urge, to experience the presence of God. After a certain amount of deliberation, he forsook a materially prosperous life to enter under the guidance of Spiritual Master, Sri Aurobindo.


Dilip also maintained close friendships with some of the leading contemporary spiritual and humanitarian figures. In his book "Among the Great" he shares his thought and interviews with Romain Rolland, the artist; Gandhi, the Saint; Betrand Russell, the thinker; Rabindranath Tagore, the poet and Sri Aurobindo, the Seer. Dilip was also very close to Sri Krishnaprem a British who fully embraced Vaishanava Hinduism. It is testament to Dilip's fully blossomed human nature that he connected with such a diverse range of luminaries.


Dilip Kumar Roy, achieved fame throughout India and abroad as a beautiful and soul - stirring singer.


Later in his life, after the passing of Sri Aurobindo, Dilip Kumar Roy founded his own Ashram (Hare Krishna Mandir) in the south of India. He spent much of his time singing Bhajans, (devotional songs). Dilip composed many spiritual poems / songs and also translated many great Hindu Poets into English.



Some poems


The Blossom Never Knows

The blossom never knows the fragrance sweet

That in its blossom's mystery lies,

The deeps that mirror forth the Infinite

Question its secrets with their sighs.

For whom throng still the murmuring bees,

Restless amid the perfumed trees?

Whose memory thrills the impassioned breeze

And paints the magic skies?

Whose one lamps through the way-lost night

Glimmer in moon and starry light?

Whose glory in the dawn breaks bright?

For whom yearns all and cries?

For whose greatness down the ages long

Are the wide heavens a sapphire song?

For whom runs the stream with bablling tongue,

Repeats whose harmonies?

Whose breath perfumes trees, flower and grass,

Inspires the atoms's dance in space?

Whose trailing robes in twilight pass,

A shadow in longing eyes?

Oh, if thou never wilt appear,

Why are thy masks of Beauty here?

Why sound thy anklets everywhere,

The spell that never dies?

My heart forgets that in my heart

Thy throne for ever lies.


From: Among the Great 1950: by Dilip Kumar Roy (out of print)



Sri Krishnaprem



Sons of an intellectual age, we scan

And weigh the heart's findings with our mental measures,

Surmising never once that no mind can

Win even a clue to the soul's resplendent treasures.

The more we probe the more must thought mislead

Till even the meaning of our spirit's birth

Is buried in the din of words that plead

For the reign of trifling truths of temporal worth.

You diagnosed this fatal malady

With an insight born of loyalty to love

And so disowned our reasoned revelry

Whose dire discord your heart could never approve.

O Reason's elect, withal, a citizen

Of stellar climes no mind has ever trod:

Who saw your radiant Face could never again

Doubt faith's deep power of leading us back to God.



From "Yogi Sri Krishnaprem " by Dilip Kumar Roy





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